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Word of the Day - for Toastmasters everywhere
Friday 19th July 2024
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dendrochronology (noun) den-dro-kron-O-lo-jee

The science of dating by tree ring analysis.

It had always been assumed that all the timber was local, but the first dendrochronology study of the timbers, carried out by English Heritage, has revealed that the largest timbers matched oak from northern Germany.

Maev Kennedy, The Guardian, 22 September 2000. Guardian

Each year I whittle away another ring from it, a nice inversion, I may say, of the new science of dendrochronology.

Will Self, My Idea of Fun. Amazon

Dendrochronology conducted by Dan Miles and Martin Bridge of Oxford University showed the most recent tree ring dated to 1025, which allowing for removed sapwood and comparison with other Medieval doors dated by documents, gave a construction range of 1044-1067.

Unattributed, British Archaeology (Issue 80) (ed. Mike Pitts), January/February 2005. British Archaeology.

Radiocarbon dating, callibrated by dendrochronology, is accurate to about 250 years with Early Neolithic remains but when combined with Bayesian statistical analysis, in which artefacts are assessed by such things as the soil they were found in, dates accurate to a decade can be reached.

Lewis Smith, The Times, 12 March 2007. The Times

Thirdly, a work is subjected to scientific scrutiny: anything from dendrochronology (which will tell you when the tree used to make a panel was planted), through isotope analysis of pigments and DNA profiling of organic materials, to complex mathematical formulae analysing angles and proportions.

Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times, 15 November 2006. The Times

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