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Archive for August 2022
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   lanugo    (noun) lan-OO-go
   tsuris or tsouris    (noun using a singular verb form) TSOO-ris
   litotes    (noun) LIE-toe-taze or LIT-o-taze
   Augean    (adjective) ow-JEE-un or or-JEE-un
   dissimulate    (verb) dis-SIM-yu-layt
   macaronic    (adjective) mac-ka-RON-ik
   traduce    (verb) tra-DYUs or tra-DOOS (US)
   lustrum    (noun) LUS-trum
   louring or lowering    (adjective) LOUR-ing
   replete    (adjective) ra-PLEET
   recondite    (adjective) RE-kon-dite
   bumptious    (adjective) BUMP-shus
   mugwump    (noun) MUG-wump
   attar    (noun) AT-ar
   laconic    (adjective) la-KON-ik
   sobriquet    (noun) SO-bri-kay or SOO-bri-kay
   nudnik    (noun) NOOD-nik
   gravitas    (noun) GRAV-i-tas
   spatchcock    (verb and adjective) SPATCH-kok
   berk or burk    (noun) BURK
   triage    (noun and adjective) tree-ARJ
   slough    (noun) SLOW
   ornery    (adjective) OR-nu-ri
   polymath    (noun) POL-i-math
   shebang    (noun) shi-BANG
   dilettante (plural: dilettanti)    (noun and adjective)) dil-i-TANT-i or DIL-i-tont
   homologous    (adjective) hom-OL-uh-gus

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