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Word of the Day - for Toastmasters everywhere
Sunday 9th May 2021
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turbid (adjective) TER-bid

Disordered, confused, muddy, foggy.

For several minutes Morse looked down at the turbid, turgid river; and his thoughts were as restless as the waters below him.

Colin Dexter, The Jewel That Was Ours. Amazon

In my experience of constituents who have made complaints, a general system of supervision by an ombudsman is likely to yield better results more effectively and more quickly than the turbid and complicated rules laid down by the Law Society, which has a vested interest in maintaining those rules.

Bob Cryer, Commons Hansard, 18 April 1990. Commons Hansard

Every time I came out of my room for "a cup of tea," she’d produce a glass jar full of turbid greenish liquid.

Lara Vapnyar, Love Lessons Mondays, 9am, in The New Yorker, 16 June 2003. The New Yorker

When disputes over the provenance of an idea become particularly turbid, disappointed entrepreneurs will look to the courts, which often are of little help.

Jason Pontin, The New York Times, 12 August 2007. New York Times

A large proportion of this marketing will probably take place in the one place they might hope that their children could enjoy a respite from the turbid flood of commerce into which their children are increasingly swept: the classroom.

Charlotte Higgins, The Guardian, I July 2005. Guardian

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