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Author malcolmw  Date 25 Mar 07, 12:49  Views 6175
Description This document explains how to use the mass e-mail system to send an e-mail to all officers of a selected 'type' (for example all Club Presidents)
Category District Management  Type Information
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Email all, or a selected type, of District and Club Officers

The Mass Mail screen allows Club or District Officers to send a single e-mail to:

    All, or selected type of, Club or District officers within their organisation.
    Their equivalents at the next higher organisation level

For example:
    A Division Governor may send email to all Club Presidents and VPE within their Division or, by logging in to the District, send an email to all Division Governors.
    A Club President may use the Area e-mail screen to send a single e-mail to all other Club Presidents in their Area.
If the club uses the easy-Speak features of this site the President may also send mass e-mail or print address labels for all their Club officers or to selected status of the club members: https://easy-speak.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=91

(You may also send e-mail to any single recipient by clicking on the e-mail icon in their profile or shown on many other screens)

You must be a District or Club officer and logged in to the system for an Organisational Unit within your span of control to gain acces to this facility.
Select the Organisational Unit to which you wish to send mail by clicking on the District, Division, Area etc in the navigation box on the left side of the screen.
Use the Menu item District/Division/Area or Club Mail to open the screen
(If this item is not on the menu for you check that you are logged in and have the correct unit selected)

The following fields are shown on the Mass Mail screen:

Selection You may select one or many officer types for your e-mail or address labels.

Subject and Message: Complete these as you would for any e-mail.

The e-mail will be sent when you press the button at the foot of the e-mail section.
All Mass E-mail in easy-Speak is sent using your e-mail address with the addresses in blind CC.

When processing is complete you will be given a list of user names addressed in your e-mail along with a list of any errors in e-mail addresses.
Please be patient and wait for this screen to be displayed.

If you are sending e-mail to a large list it will be split up into smaller pieces to reduce the risk of it being trapped by anti-spam filters.
Your admin e-mail address will receive a copy of each outgoing message.
At the time of writing (September 2006) the system splits bulk e-mail into groups of twenty five addresses so, if you have 126 members in your e-mail-shot, you will receive five copies of the message.

Label choices If you wish to print address labels you may make some additional choices before pressing the button at the foot of the labels section.

    Print labels with TI Logo - Will print a small TI logo at the right of the label.
    Print Country Name - You may choose not to print the country if your selection will all be local to you.
    Print Name if address is blank - If a member does not have an address you may choose to print a label with their name anyway.
    Print even if e-mail is valid - If you ONLY want address labels where the user does not have a valid e-mail address leave this set to 'No'

The menu item 'District/Division/Area Mail' will only be displayed if you are a Club or District officer with system permission to send mass e-mail and print address labels.
(More information on the system settings for Officers is shown here:)

Click here for a web training video on sending e-mail (11Mb)

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