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Description How to add an existing easy-Speak user to your club.
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Add an existing easy-Speak user as a member of your club 

It is very important that a person has ONLY ONE user identity in easy-Speak which contains all the information about that person.
This makes it easy for them - one login to remember - and it also makes it easy for you to pick up the member's past speeches and share information on current achievements.
If you have someone who already has an easy-Speak user-id, ask them for that id (or search the on-line membership list for the other club to find their user-id) and add them to your club as explained here. Do NOT create a new user-id for them.

Existing easy-Speak users may be added to your club in several ways:

If the user accesses your meeting agenda for a future meeting and clicks on the 'thumbs up' next to their name they will automatically be added to the list of attendees for the meeting and added to your club with a member status set by your club in the Club Control Panel (normally 'Mailing List').
If they attend, you may want to change their status after the meeting - maybe to 'Visitor' if you make that distinction.

Alternatively you may connect an existing easy-Speak user to your club.
Click on the 'Add User' button (shown on the Agenda and Userlist screens)
Select the status that you want to give this user in your club (Member, Visitor...)
If you know their username use the bottom choice of the radio button and enter the username
If you don't know their username enter their first and second names and e-mail address (as much as you know) - the system will try to find them for you.
Select the correct user if there is more more than one possible match and press 'Select' in the pop-up box.

Not enough information? If you don't have enough information to complete all three fields then you can search for a user (Menubar > Goto > User Search) with only the e-mail address

Note - if you want this person to take a role at a meeting (maybe they are presenting the target speech at a competition or someone from a neighbouring club will be the General Evaluator) you will need to set their membership status in your club (normally to 'Special Guest' or 'Visiting Speaker').

This article explains the how to create a completely new user on easy-Speak: https://easy-speak.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=50

This article explains the settings for membership status in the Club Control Panel: https://easy-speak.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=31