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Author malcolmw  Date 18 Dec 20, 09:52  Views 10273
Description An explanation of the use of locations and their maintenance in the Club Control Panel
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The calendar is populated by events - normally a Toastmaster meeting but you may also add social events and meetings of the Club Executive to the system.
(Club Executive meetings are only visible to the club officers)

Each event refers to a location with a name, address, a URL to print the map etc. These data are maintained by location in the Club Control Panel.

Once your club is running smoothly you are unlikely to use this screen unless you run a social event at a new location or re-locate your club to another venue.

You may access the Club Control features of the system by clicking on the hot-link 'Club Control Panel' at the bottom of all screens (just above the Toastmaster copyright notice).
Note that the link is only visible if you are logged in AND are authorised as system administrator for your club AND have your own club selected.

For each location the following data are required:

Location Name

Physical or Online Location
Most clubs meet at a physical location, a room in a building somewhere.
However, it is possible to run a virtual meeting over the Internet and this option allows you to specify some special settings for that.
It is also possible to run a hybid of those two - some people meeting at a physical location with other people joining in through online conferencing.
Suggestion - Do not select the hybrid option 'just in case' or because you have an occasional user who may participate remotely. Hybrid meetings have more options for each user at each meeting and are much more complex for your members to navigate

There are four choices:

  • Physical Location - Almost all cases for all clubs, you need to enter the address and select a position on the map
  • Virtual (internet meeting) - An internet meeting. In this choice the meeting ID and a URL to join the meeting is visible to the public
  • Virtual, hidden - An internet meeting, as above, but the joining information will only be visible to users who have a connection to the club.
  • Hybrid - Limited numbers of people meeting at a physical location with other people joining in through online conferencing.

For a Physical Location:


Directions on how to get there

Location Web-site If the location has its own web-site, enter the URL here and users will be able to click through from the location information on this site.
(Normally you would only use this if the location is complex and Google maps will not give sufficient information - for example a club which meets on a University campus and the campus map shows buildings and available parking places)

URL for map

If this field is completed a message 'click here for a map' will show on the screen for your meeting agenda and it over-rides the Google map
In most cases you should leave this blank and the user will be guided to your meeting by the Google map coordinates (which are also sent to their smartphone for the calendar and available to download as POI in a satnav)

The Map

Drag the map around with your mouse and zoom in/out to get the best settings for a visitor to locate your club.

For a Virtual and Hybrid Meeting:

Meeting root URL - Enter the root URL that will be used to build the online meeting link.
For example, if the URL for your meeting will read https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/12345678 you should enter https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/ here and will be asked to enter the meeting number (12345678 in the example) on the agenda screen

Room Limit - the maximum number of people who may use this room (Leave as zero if unlimited)

Comments sent to selected role(s)
Use this field to send a specific message with 'Meeting e-mail three' to members assigned to selected roles.
For example, 'Pick up the key from Mary the night before the meeting'
Please refer to the Knowledgebase article about meeting roles to understand more.

General Comment A general comment to be shown with this location, for example 'Park in the South Carpark'

Show comment on all e-mail: Include this general comment on ALL meeting e-mail?

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