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Author malw  Date 21 Sep 18, 11:56  Views 1126
Description Attendance and roles for Area|Division|District events
Category Running the Meeting  Type Information
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Managing meeting attendance outside the Club level

If your Area|Division|District is set up in easy-Speak as 'active' you will be able to create Contests, Training and Council meetings using the system.

When creating the meeting you have additional choices to select the type of meeting you want: 
(This example shows the choices for a District, at other levels they are not all available)

 Toastmaster Meeting    Committee Meeting    Other Event    Officer Training    Council    Exec Council    District Officer Training

'Toastmaster Meeting' will be a Contest at that level and will allow an agenda and the expected attendance

A committee meeting will allow an agenda and the expected attendance will ONLY expect the officers of that unit

'Other events' are purely a placemarker showing date, time and location. There is no managed agenda or atttendance - they are often used for a social event.

Officer Training at all levels will include the officers of that unit PLUS officers of all units reporting to it.
(Officer training at the District level will apply if you run a couple of District wide Club Officer Training events and invite all officers in the District to attend one of them)

District Officer training will only expect official officers from District, Division and Area to attend.

For simplicity I shall say 'Area' for the rest of this article but the same comments apply to all levels of Toastmasters outside the club level.

When creating the meeting you have a choice of locations and may select from any of the known locations used by Clubs reporting to that Area.
You may also create your own locations and manage them in the 'Club' Control Panel for the Area

Expected attendance outside the Club level and the choice of 'members' able to take a role has a few differeneces from a Club.
(The need is obvious when you think about it - a District Contest may know about three or four thousand members in the clubs involved. Using a drop-down list of thousands of possible Speakers is just not workable)

Expected attendance and roles will include anyone who fits into these categories:

    • They booked their own attendance at the meeting (maybe you sent a mass-mail with a hotlink or they selected the meeting from one of the District summary screens for Contests and Training)
    • They are an officer of that unit or they are an officer of a unit that reports to that unit
    • They attended an event at that unit last year (e.g. they are regular Area contest attenders)
    • They were added to the 'Memberlist' for that unit in the last year
If you don't see an expected contestant or role-player on the list, just add them as a 'Member' of the unit.
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