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Author khdon  Date 02 Apr 11, 17:23  Views 9449
Description Coordinating the flow of the formal speech segment by introducing speakers and evaluators...
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Toastmaster for meetings with a Chairman

You, the Toastmaster, are to coordinate and conduct the formal speech segment of the meeting which includes a stimulating introduction of each participant. This is an extremely important role as it sets the tone for the speech segment of the meeting. Introducing participants in a way that will excite the audience and motivate them to listen creates an atmosphere of interest, expectation and receptivity.
Prior to the meeting:
 You will be emailed the Meeting participants and Speakers and Evaluators by the VP Education at least five days before you are scheduled to be the toastmaster, for the evening you will be toastmaster. Familiarize yourself with the names of the chairman (as she/he will be introducing you), timer, speakers and evaluators.
 It is your job to introduce the speakers and the evaluators. You will need to contact them prior to the meeting to confirm/remind their role and find out some interesting information to use in your introduction. See below for ideas from “Information to Obtain to Introduce Speakers Effectively”.
 Ask the timer to explain the timing light sequences. The timer will have been introduced previously, but you will need to call on them to give the timing light sequence of the speeches and evaluators as well as the report once participants have finished.

During the meeting:
 You will be called to the lectern by the Chairman. Sit near the front corner for the meeting so that you can easily approach the lectern during this portion of the meeting.
 Give a short explanation of why we do speeches, before introducing any speakers. Also remind the audience to utilize the provided encouragement forms.
 Have the timer explain the timing and lights for the various speeches and evaluators.
 Introduce the speaker using the information you received from them beforehand. Call the speaker up, leading the audience in applause as they come forward. Shake their hand, and then go sit down.
 After the speaker is done, go to the lectern, shake the speaker’s hand and once again lead the audience in applause until the speaker is seated. After the applause dies down, affirm the speaker with a short comment or mention something specific you appreciated about what they said. Then move on to introduce the next speaker.
 Call up the evaluators one at a time when the speeches are done. Introduce them briefly, possibly by adding an adjective clause or phrase into the sentence. This could be about their occupation, their length of time at toastmasters, an outstanding character trait, what they did on the weekend, etc. (example: “Collin, who went to Whistler this weekend, is going to evaluate…”)
 Asking the timer to give the timer’s report for the speakers and evaluators is your final task as toastmaster.
 Return control of the meeting to the chairman. You are done for the evening!

Information to Obtain to Introduce Speakers Effectively
Here are questions you may want to ask the speakers, either over the phone or via e-mail:
“I am doing the role of Toastmaster on (DATE) and I need some information about you so I can introduce you properly. Please take the time to answer these questions. Thanks for your help.”

a) Something interesting about the speaker (IE: Job, Family, Hobbies, Education, Adventures, What you did on the weekend)
b) Why did you pick this topic?
c) Is there anything specific you would like me to say to introduce this speech?”

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