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Archive for January 2021
December 2020 | February 2021 | Today's word

   sib    (noun) SIB
   unguent    (noun) UN-gwnt
   bespoke    (adjective) bi-SPOKE
   miasma    (noun) my-AZ-ma
   purlieu    (noun) PER-lyu
   apposite    (adjective) AP-a-zit
   sycophant    (noun) SIK-o-funt ot SIK-o-fant
   termagant    (noun) TERM-a-gant
   adventitious    (adjective) ad-ven-TI-shus
   histrionics    (noun) his-tree-ON-iks
   exiguous    (adjective) ex-IG-yu-us
   tonsorial    (adjective) ton-SAW-ri-ul
   exigent    (adjective) EKS-i-jnt
   callow    (adjective) KAL-o
   recidivism    (noun) r-SI-di-viz-um
   predicate    (verb) PRED-i-kayt
   panache    (noun) pa-NASH
   riparian    (adjective) ri-PEAR-i-un
   curmudgeon    (noun) KUR-Mud-JUN
   steganography    (noun) stay-gun-OG-ra-fee
   diaphanous    (adjective) die-AF-un-us
   surreptitious    (adjective) su-rep-TISH-us
   scurrilous    (adjective) SKU-ri-lus
   epicene    (adjective) E-pi-seen
   benighted    (adjective) be-NITE-id
   peregrination    (noun) per-ee-grin-A-shun
   rootle    (verb) ROO-tul
   palisade    (noun) pa-lis-AID
   ratiocinate    (verb) ra-shi-O-si-nate
   torpid    (adjective) TOR-pid

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